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  • Genre: Graphic Novel
  • List: Alex Awards
  • Gender Queer: A Memoir

    Genderqueer author and artist Maia Kobabe, who uses the non-binary e/em/eir pronouns, knew from childhood that e didn't fit traditional definitions of female, and was never completely comfortable thinking of emself as male either. E explores big themes like gender, sexuality, sex, relationships, and family side-by-side with specific individual experiences of bullying, clothing, haircuts, coming out and finding community.
  • Home After Dark

    After Russell and his father are abandoned by his mother, they move to a small town in Northern California, where Russell's father gets a job at San Quentin and drinks away his spare time. Russell makes some friends, but ends up bullied and abandoned. When Russell's dad disappears, too, he is left to fend for himself until the Mah family takes him in.
  • In Waves

    In this beautiful graphic memoir, perfectly cast in muted beach tones, Dungo interweaves his story of first love with his girlfriend's passion for surfing, her heroism in the face of cancer, and a primer on the history of surfing.
  • Sacred Heart

    Adults have disappeared, and Ben Schiller is trying to keep things together until their return in this unsettling graphic novel. A series of mysterious deaths may be a sign of impending doom for Alexandria's troubled kids.