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  • Genre: Fiction
  • Author: Rachel Hawkins
  • Her Royal Highness

    After discovering her sort-of girlfriend kissing someone else, Millie decides to forego senior year at her Texas high school and attend a fancy boarding school. There, she's forced to room with an actual Scottish princess. Falling in love with her would be a terrible idea, though. Right?
  • Royals

    Daisy Winters is a 16 year old with a normal life, until her older sister's relationship with the Crown Prince of Scotland forces her into the seclusion of the castle and time with Miles, the prince's younger roguish brother. Cobb brings personality and humor to the characters of this funny charming tale, especially Daisy herself.
  • Royals

    When her sister becomes engaged to a prince, Daisy is thrust into the spotlight and must learn to be proper, or at least not embarrass her new royal family, which is easier said than done with the prince's scandalous brother around.