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  • Author: Yuki Fujisawai
  • Metro Survive, Vol. 1

    Mishima is an overworked maintenance worker at Exopolis Tokyo, a highrise entertainment and business complex. Too meek to say no to his boss, he gets stuck working overtime the night of his son's birthday. There's worse to come, however, when a massive earthquake destroys Exopolis, trapping Mishima and a host of subway riders underground, leaving them struggling for survival against both the elements and one another
  • Metro Survive, Vol. 2

    A glimpse of hope comes to the survivors as they are joined together with Mishima, leader of another party stranded in the upper basement. However, their relief is shortlived! After a hostile takeover, Mishima's party threatens to leave the basement back to the Metro. How long will they be able to survive in the rodentinfested Metro?