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  • Author: Yuki Nakaji
  • Venus in Love, Vol. 1

    College freshman Suzuna is looking forward to making friends, joining a club and hopefully getting a boyfriend! She develops an early crush on Fukamicharismatic tennis player and friend of her neighbor, Eichi. But her other new friendthe beautiful Hinako has some interesting information regarding Eichi that's going to force Suzuna to take a second look at the whole situation.
  • Venus in Love, Vol. 2

    College Freshman Suzuna is living on her own for the first time, and discovering that finding love can be much more complicated than she imagined. Fukami is convinced that theres chemistry between his friends Suzuna and Eichi, who just need a little push to become a couple.
  • Venus in Love, Vol. 3

    Suzuna's had her heart set on Fukami but she's been afraid to tell him her true feelings. Now Fukami's out with another girl, and they seem to be turning into a steady couple. Suzuna finds herself spending more time with their mutual friend Eichi and a surprising development leaves the two of them with confused feelings about each other.